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Monday, March 4, 2013

Terre Da Vino Selected Wine Tastings February 2013.

Typical Terrain Landscape
of the Terre Da Vino Estates.
Terre Da Vino is a top Italian winery which is located in the heart of the Langhe territory in the region o Barolo. Their philosophy is to produce wines exclusively from grapes grown, cultivated and harvested in Piedmont and then again from the DOC and DOCG regions to ensure the highest level of wine quality. Terre Da Vino is an agricultural that encompasses over 5000 hectares of vineyards that are cultivated by over  2500 growers. This gives the company an immense proportion to produce a vast range of wines, spanning from those names that are known and recognised throughout the world down to locally known, niche, but top quality products.

I have recently had the opportunity to carry out a tasting and analyses session of a selection of winemaker's wines which are marketed under the trademark of TerreDaVino Agricole. The wines tasted during this session were two chosen from those that are categorized as aged in wood, being therefore two red wines and two from the white wines selections.

The selected TerreDaVino Wines
used in the tasting session.
The selected wines were:

The Red Wines:

TerreDavIno La Luna E I Falo' Barbera D'Asti Superiore 2010 DOCG.
TerreDaVinoPaesi Tuoi Barolo 2008 DOCG.

The White Wines:

TerraDaVino Masseria Dei Carmelitani Gavi di Gavi 2012 DOCG
TerraDaVino Ca' Da Bosio Gavi di Gavi 2011 DOCG.

Individual tastings:

La Luna E I Falo'
Barbera D'Asti.
TerraDaVino La Luna E I Falo' Barbera D'Asti 2010 DOCG:

This wine is produced from 100% Barbera grapes cultivated and harvested from the from the classic Barbera district of Nizza Monferrato and Agliano Terme in the province of Asti. After natural frementation which is followed b Malolactic fermentation the wine is then aged for 12 months in small oak barrels.

It has a deep ruby red colour with aromas of rich flowers and liquorice with vanilla notes from the wood aging. In the mouth it is dry with lingering medium tannins and hints of blueberries and raspberries. It has a distinctly long finish which is enjoyable on the palate.

Alcohol content is a rich 14%.
Wine strength: Medium-Full Bodied.
Serving Temperature: 18 to 20 Deg.C
Lamb on the bone.
Excellent paring for this wine.
Food Pairing: Excellent with red meats, roast beef, grilled steaks, roast lamb. Barbecued meats; game; pasta with rich cream and meat sauces. Pizza, stews, braised meats, rabbit-fried, baked, stewed or braised.

Avoid at all costs pairing with fish, seafood and shellfish.
The wine is ready to be drunk now, but can be bottle aged for a further five years in a good temperature controlled environment.

In my opinion this is a Barbera of rich expressions which deserves a rating of RS88.

TerreDaVino Paesi Tuoi Barolo 2008 DOCG.

Paessi Tuoi
This is one of various Barolos that are produced by this winemaker. It is produced from 100% Nebbiolo grapes skilfully blended from vineyards  situated in two distinct areas. Vineyards such as those of Castilgione Falletto, Serralunga and Montefrorte, and those from La Morra and Verduno, give this cuvee its character, structure, elegance and fragrance honed over years of blending experimentation. This cuvee is produced under the strict Barolo producing regulations, and leaves the winery only after four years from the grape harvest year. Like most Barolos, this wine can be drunk when released, but it is recommended that further bottle aging by the consumer is given to it, even up to  a further 10 years before it reaches its peak . 

When tasted at this time, the wine had a very rich ruby-red colour going on garnet mainly due to its still young age. One year after release, that is five years after the vintage date for this particular wine is still quite young. once opened, the wine has to be either decanted and left for at least 30 to 60 minutes to breath or to be opened at least two hours before it is served. 
Aroma:  Strong aroma of violets and spices and herbs. On the palate it is dry with strong tannins, currants and chocolate. The finish is long and lingering, balanced and elegant, which might taste light to the taste but is strong and potent, that is what makes Barolo special.

Alcohol content:  13.5%
Strength:  Full Bodied.
Pan-seared fillet of beef.
Excellent paring with th Barolo.
Serving temperature: 18 to 20 Deg.C

Food pairing: Rich red meats, roasts, grilled, braised and stewed meats and beef dishes. Roast lamb; boar; game, poultry, venison.
Our Rating: RS91.

TerreDaVino Masseria Dei Carmelitani Gavi di Gavi 2012 DOCG.

The Masseria Dei Carmelitani
Gavi di Gav
This Gavi di Gavi is a typical and classic 100% Cortese poduced wine in the best tradition of Gavi di Gavi.  The grapes for this wine are grown on the hillsides in the commune of Gavi, and this particular estate the Masseria is just a snall 25 hectare farming estate located in the hills on the left bank bank of th Lemme river. It takes its name Dei Carmelitani as in the 14th century the eatate belonge to the Carmelite monks, who at that time cultivated the vineyards around the monastery to poduce a highly respected white wine, which evolved in the Gavi dei Gavi Masseria dei Carmelitani of today.

Straw yellow in colour with typical hints of green. Bouquet of fresh green apples and citrus fruits. On the palate it is lemony, crisp  dry and with an acidic bite, structured and supple.  An excellent Gavi di Gavi, a step or two above most.

Alcohol content: 12.5%
Serving Temperature:  10deg.C. (Chilled).

Bouillabaisse. A good pairing
for this wine.
Food pairing: Fish, shellfish and seafood, prawns, lobster, crab; Pasta or risotto marinara; rich bouillabaisse, vegetable ratatoullle, pizza frutti di mare.
Not suitable with red meat dishes.

Recommended to be drunk young up to three years from the vintage date.

Rating: A lively white wine that can be drunk as a social drink or with food.  An everyday drinking wine which brings with it satisfaction and enjoyment. Rating RS89.

TerraDaVino Ca' Da Bosio Gavi di Gavi 2011 DOCG.

Ca' Da Bosio.
Ca' Da Bosio
tasting sample.
This Gavi is produced from 100% Cortese grapes grown on the hillsides in the commune of Gavi. Vieyrads cover some 30 hectares in the Ca' Da Bosio  area . After a short cold maceration on the skins and fermentation the wine is held for a brief period on the lees until a partial malolactic fermentation is completed.

The wine is typically straw yellow in colour, with flowery and  ripe fruit aromas;  on the palate it is soft textured, light  with a distinct citrus-flowery structure. Smooth acidity.
A sample from the opened bottle was tasted 24 hours later, chilled to 8/10 deg.C and the feel on the palate was superb, more distinct when it was just opened. 

Alcohol content: 12%.
Serving Temperature: 10deg.C

Sea Bass for the
Ca'da Bosio Gavi di Gavi.
Food Pairing: Similar to the Masseria Dei Carmelitani Gavi di Gavi.
The wine is reday to be drunk now.
Rating: Easy drinking wine RS88. Can be drunk as a social drink, a relaxing glass of wine, or with food.

These wines all of which are of well above average quality products, are mainly found in good restaurants.