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Friday, August 23, 2013

First Cape Wines-Discovery series light wines.

First Cape wines of South Africa have introduced a series of wines that are being marketing under the Discovery Series brand. Each wine is produced from specially imported varietal wine, which is then blended and bottled at the winery in South Africa. There is nothing new in this process, but what is innovative and appealing is the fact that these wines are branded with the "Light" connotation as they are all low in alcohol content at 5.5% alcohol by volume.

These wines are suitable for lunchtime, with cheese platters, and light fish and seafood dishes, and especially when, one has to still work in the afternoon. Ideal as a social drink, easy drinking and for general celebrations. These wines would certainly appeal as a ladies wine, elegant and quite good on the palate.


First Cape  Light - Discovery Series - New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - a sure young persons and ladies favourite, as a social drink or with light food. Typical Sauvignon Blanc crispy notes of lime and citrus. Light in the mouth with just 5.5% alcohol. Blended from 43% Savignon Blanc and other South African whites.

First Cape Light - Discovery Series - Sparkling New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Same blend as for the still sauvignon blanc but produced under strict sparkling wine processes. Excellent pre-dinner drink, social events, and as an easy drinker. 5.5% alcohol by volume, light and crispy citrus notes.

First Cape Light -Discovery Series - Rose'-  Californian White Zinfandel 53% blended with other South African rose' wines. A delicate, low alcohol rose; wine with hints of cherries and strawberries. A social drinking wine suitable or parties, with light food, and fish. 5.5% alcohol by volume.

First Cape Light- Discovery Series - White Italian Pinot Grigio 45% blend, lovely, fresh and crisp in the mouth with peach flavours and citrus notes. Easy drinking on its own or with food such as chicken breast, and white fish.

These wines are not to be compared with more full bodied wines from this producer or other producers, as these are designed as light, social drinking wines, as well as being suitable for when light alcohol might be more suitable, such as business or working lunches. Enjoyable also as a relaxing after work drink with some nice bites of cheese, hors d'ouvres etc.